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  Clinical Calculators - Centor Criteria (Modified)  

The Centor Criteria1 are a set of criteria which may be used to identify the likelihood of a bacterial infection in adult patients complaining of a sore throat. They were developed as a method to quickly diagnose the presence of Group A streptococcal infection or a diagnosis of Streptococcal Pharyngitis in "adult patients who presented to an urban emergency room complaining of a sore throat." The Modified Centor Criteria2 takes account of the patient's age.

You must give information about all five assessments - fever, tonsillar exudate, tender anterior cervical adenopathy, cough and age - in order to determine a Centor score for this patient.

  Tonsillar exudates:      
  Tender anterior cervical adenopathy:      
  Absence of cough:      
    < 15 years  
    15-44 years  
    > 44 years  

  The presence of all four variables indicates a 40 - 60% positive predictive value for a culture of the throat to test positive for Group A Streptococcus bacteria. The absence of all four variables indicates a negative predictive value of greater than 80%3. The high negative predictive value suggests that the Centor Criteria can be more effectively used for ruling out streptococcal throat infection than for diagnosing streptococcal throat infection.  


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